About Nicole

Nicole has been a sex journalist for over ten years. Her work has been published in Playboy, Vice, Healthline, SELF, Kinkly, and other corners of the internet. She was the Women's Editor at Giddy, the largest sexual health platform in the world.

In her personal time, Nicole is either looking at Lake Michigan, heading to her hot yoga studio, or cuddling with her cat, Strudel, and partner, Miles.

Nicole is currently a student at Sex Coach University and an editor at Healthnews.

Since 2013, Nicole has been writing about sexual health, dating, kinks, and positive sex.

She was an online s*wer for five years, where she gained insight into how talking about sex can be a profound experience. In early 2023, after a decade in journalism, she decided it was time to take her writing into action and become a sex coach.

In her practice, Nicole encourages readings, assigns light homework, and incorporates movement and other holistic measures depending on the client's needs.

As a retired s*wer, she may also encourage queer, ethical porn and introduce alternative lifestyles.