Sex Coaching

What is Sex Coaching?

The ultimate goal of working in sessions together will be to find a resolution. Coaching isn't therapy; you won't be unpacking the past. We will be working together to find a solution, hopefully in less than three sessions.

Of course, this could take much longer, but the primary goal is to find tools that work for you with concrete results.

Nicole's coaching style is straightforward and honest. She will create an action plan to address your unique and personal needs after the first session.

You can book a single video or phone call session, or you can book 8 to 12 weekly sessions where you can unpack any concerns you have and work toward a larger goal.

Contact Nicole about...

Relationship connection
Ethical non-monogamy
Loss of intimacy
Religion and sex
Shame surrounding sex
Body image issues
Sex education
Difficulty with orgasms
Different libidos
Erectile dysfunction
Vaginismus and painful sex
Sex addiction
And more...